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Beispiele für " eligibility "
  • His 'ineligibility' as a contestant was due to his former employment by the sponsor.
  • He will be on 'parole' for nearly two more years.
  • He was released on 'parole'.
  • The defendant shall be sentenced to life without the possibility of 'parole'.
  • paroles d'une chanson - words of a song, lyrics of a song
  • il tient parole - he keeps his word
  • Le député a la parole - the member has the floor
  • Ci vogliono fatti e non 'parole'.
  • Musica di Paolo, 'parole' di Lorenzo
  • prasīt 'paroli' — to ask for the 'password'
  • pateikt 'paroli' — to say, give the 'password'
  • parole iekļūšanai sapulcē bija: “uz satikšanos” — the 'password' to be admitted to the meeting was: “till we meet again”
  • lai tiktu cauri visām trim apsardzības ķēdēm, vajadzēja zināt trīs dažādas 'paroles' — in order to get through all three defense lines, it was necessary to know three different 'passwords'
  • agrāk vispopulārākā 'parole' bija “password” — previously the most popular 'password' was “password”
  • Although not a direct cause, the border skirmish was certainly a 'collateral' incitement for the war.
  • Uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces are 'collateral' relatives.
  • 'collateral' pressure
  • Besides the arteries blood streams through numerous veins we call 'collaterals'
  • There's a $15 'cover' lang=en
  • We need to set another 'cover' for the Smith lang=en
  • The open intervals are a 'cover' for the real lang=en
  • Knight
  • He 'covered' the baby with a lang=en
  • When the pot comes to a boil, 'cover' it and reduce the heat to lang=en
  • The blanket 'covered' the lang=en
  • Regular hexagons can 'cover' the lang=en
  • You can 'cover' the plane with regular lang=en
  • The magazine 'covers' such diverse topics as politics, news from the world of science, and the lang=en
  • We've earned enough to 'cover' most of our lang=en
  • Ten dollars should 'cover' lang=en
  • I need to take off Tuesday. Can you 'cover' for lang=en
  • Can you 'cover' the morning shift tomorrow? I'll give you off next Monday lang=en
  • He is our salesman 'covering' companies with headquarters in the northern lang=en
  • Does my policy 'cover' accidental lang=en
  • I would like to have my bitch 'covered' next lang=en
  • The stallion has not 'covered' the mare lang=en
  • In order to checkmate a king on the side of the board, the five squares adjacent to the king must all be lang=en
  • The heroic soldier 'covered' himself with glory.